A Trendy Look for Boys Who Lounge Around in Their Underwear

Since Winter is here, maybe we should take some advice from the eskimos. Not the eskimo people. We mean Eskimo, an underwear and nightwear brand from Belgium. They have been around since 1906 and use soft materials that will keep you warm this winter. Their underwear has a classic but contemporary look that will keep boys looking trendy enough to lounge around in their underwear. Visit their website at eskimo.be.

Underwear With Attitude to Help Boys Live Like a Rebel

If you are ready for underwear with attitude, then take a look at Muchachomalo. Based in the Netherlands, Muchachomalo means “Bad Boy” in Spanish. They have an anchor store in Amsterdam selling boxers with rave designs. Now boys can live like a rebel when they slip one on. If you are looking for something on the daring side, then check them out at muchachomalo.com.

Do You Care What Goes On Your Child’s Body?

If you care about what your child puts in his body, why not also be mindful of what he puts on it. Simplycris is an eco-friendly underwear brand who makes its underwear in Italy the natural way – from pure cotton and microfiber modal.

Some parents have become concerned about the chemical-laden apparel touching their children’s skin. With Simplycris, you won’t have to worry. Their fabrics are absent of harmful components. Take away your concern with underwear made more simply by Simplycris.