Asian Underwear Fashion With Cool Designs

Boys do a lot of living in their underwear, so it needs to be functional. With Caiqiao, you get the comfort of cotton combined with cool designs that boys like. Funny cartoon characters are always a big hit. How about something more educational? The boy in blue underwear has a meander design on his waistband, which is a decorative pattern used in Greek art. You can find this Chinese brand in several online outlets, such as

The Right Look for the Modern Boy

Turkey has a vibrant and ancient culture. Of its major cities, Istanbul is a cosmopolitan and historical place with its iconic palaces, mosques…and underwear. Yes, I said underwear. Iki Yildiz is an apparel brand based in Istanbul that provides underwear, pajamas, and other leisure wear. They have just the right look for modern boys, from east to west. Visit their website at

Sporty Graphics & Bright Colors to Make Boys Irresistible

You might expect natural cotton, form-fitting styling, and breathable comfort to be the standard in American or European underwear production. Well, now you can expect it from China, too. Baolei is a Chinese brand that recognizes the importance of quality. With sporty graphics and bright colors, nobody will be able to resist how handsome your boy will look. You can find this brand at There’s an English version in the top drop-down box.