Asian Swimwear for Those Summer Adventures

Summertime usually means things like surf boards, beach balls, and watermelon. It also means swimwear. For Asian boys, that could mean Sain Sou. This swimwear brand from Taiwan features a variety of styles, from briefs to jammers, in an array of colorful designs and patterns. Now boys will be all set for those Summer adventures. Visit their website at

Bring the Fun of Summer Into Your Kid’s Life

Requinho is a Brazilian brand that wants to bring the fun of Summer into your kid’s life. You could say their fashion is ideal for those Summer boyhood adventures. They have just the right styles to keep boys happy. Why not brighten up your child’s day with some cool designs for the beach or pool at

Now Boys Can Make a Big Splash in the Summer

We all know that swimwear has to be durable, since boys are very active in them. Thanks to Fashy, there will be no worries because of high performance construction. Their swimwear resists shrinkage (because we guys don’t like that, of course!). They also resist fading in sun and salty water. What else would you expect from a quality German brand? Now boys can make a big splash next Summer. Visit them online at

Igniting a Boy’s Passion for Exquisite Swimwear Fashion

Boys can get excited about many things, like sports, cars, or video games. They can also become fascinated by fashion. Dea Fiori is a Polish brand that is sure to ignite any boy’s passion for exquisite swimwear fashion. Every stunning element of the wardrobe is designed to emphasize the beauty of anyone who wears it. Just look at the first model. The vertical strips of color topped by the bright green belt complement this boy’s natural beauty. The backdrop conveys a luxurious feeling, while the boy’s gaze reflects his distinct taste for high fashion.

Dea Fiori is predominantly available in the European and Russian marketplaces. Those familiar with the Russian language or are willing to use Google Translate can find this brand at

Now Boys Can Jump for Joy!

Now a boy can jump for joy because we found a cute look that boys deserve. Just Jump was founded because of a lack of variety in the South African market for kids 12 and under. Their swimwear is made in Cape Town and has a 50+ UV rating. Now you can jump a little higher knowing that your kid will be ready for the water. Discover more at