Now Boys Can Jump for Joy!

Now a boy can jump for joy because we found a cute look that boys deserve. Just Jump was founded because of a lack of variety in the South African market for kids 12 and under. Their swimwear is made in Cape Town and has a 50+ UV rating. Now you can jump a little higher knowing that your kid will be ready for the water. Discover more at


Helping Australian Boys Make a Big Splash

Australians know all about the swimming culture. With over 16,000 miles of coastline, it’s not a surprise that they would get serious about their swimwear fashion. Zealous Swimwear is an Australian brand that is perfect for the young athlete who wants to make a big splash in the water. Visit their website at


Russian Swimwear for Aspiring Young Athletes

Swimming is a great sport for boys who want to tone up their bodies and build self confidence. When swimming for play or competition, they want a comfortable feel and an attractive look. VS World is a Russian brand that will help boys achieve these goals. Just look at the bright colors that enhance the look of these boys, who are not just models, but actual young athletes from Russia. Visit their website at