Swimwear for Boys Inspired by the Caribbean

The boys of MiMenina were handsomely adorned with straw hats and dangling shells and fish as they walked down the runway at the 2016 Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week last June. The colors of turquoise, coral, and blue provided a tropical ambiance that set the tone for the occasion. MiMenina’s new swimwear collection is inspired by the Caribbean and combines all the colors of the seas for a uniquely tropical look.

MiMenina is designed especially for kids up to 16 years old. They craft their styles and manufacture them in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria and one of Spain’s Canary Islands. Find out more at mimenina.com.

Fashionable Blends of Color for Youth Fashionistas

Dolores Cortes has a colorful blend of swimwear for boys that was introduced at the 2016 Swimwear Fashion Week in June hosted by Gran Canaria Moda Calida. Most of the boy models were wearing a trunk cut, a popular choice among European youth fashionistas. Even the longer swim shorts still have a shorter cut in comparison to board shorts. They are more loose fitting for boys with that preference. You can learn more at dolorescortesonline.com.

Swimwear Fashion That Celebrates the Amazon

In the world of the Amazon, you’ll find an amazing ecosystem of macaws, parrots, fish, and reptiles. These boys are showcasing a range of swim shorts that celebrate nature with a blend of colors that convey the magic of the rainforest. It was a project by the designer Lilium Fonts, called Aguas Azules (translated as Blue Waters), at the Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Show in June 2016.

Transforming Boys Into Greek Gods

Le Petit Croissier is focusing on Greek culture for their 2017 swimwear collection. During the Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week this past June, young models were transformed into Greek gods.

The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, made his appearance in a brilliant brief-style swim trunk featuring a turquoise underwater landscape. The boy’s presentation was made more authentic with his golden spear, or trident as they call it, and white fish net.

Many of the styles included the meander pattern, a decorative border made from a continuous line which was a common ornament used in ancient Greece. The boy in the marble print trunks with the towel draped over his arm had this pattern on his waistband. We also saw it used in the swim shorts worn by the boy in black shirt and headband.

We could literally use this collection as an educational lesson for Greek history and culture. What a great way to give your boy a fashionable look while teaching them an appreciation for Greek lifestyle. Discover more about the designer of this collection at Gabriel Croissier.