Organic Underwear That’s Good For Your Child’s Skin

Have you ever been concerned about the kind of fabric touching your child’s skin? Perhaps you feel his underwear is lacking in both quality and beauty. One mom felt the same way. She wanted her son to have good quality underwear with a vintage look, just as she remembered growing up. She asked her business partner one day on his travels to Spain to get a pair of underwear for her son. From there, the idea to create their own brand took root.

Goat-Milk is based in New York and uses 100% organic cotton that is preshrunk for a comfortable fit. Their philosophy is simple: create attractive styles using environmentally friendly materials and fine craftsmanship. See their entire collection online at Goat-Milk.

Do You Care What Goes On Your Child’s Body?

If you care about what your child puts in his body, why not also be mindful of what he puts on it. Simplycris is an eco-friendly underwear brand who makes its underwear in Italy the natural way – from pure cotton and microfiber modal.

Some parents have become concerned about the chemical-laden apparel touching their children’s skin. With Simplycris, you won’t have to worry. Their fabrics are absent of harmful components. Take away your concern with underwear made more simply by Simplycris.


Sustainable Fashion for a Better Planet

With lush rainforests and exotic animal life, Brazil has many precious resources to protect. There is one intimate apparel brand that has built its reputation on sustainable fashion so we can all enjoy a better planet.

Amodoro is based in Rio and specializes in bamboo fiber underwear. Bamboo grows quickly and is easily renewable. Plus, it requires less water to grow than cotton. Fabric made from bamboo is great for absorbing perspiration, and you get the added benefit of antibacterial properties and odor-resistance, which cotton does not have.

If you have been looking to be more ecologically responsible, then take a look at Amodoro. To find out more, visit