Russian Swimwear for Boys Who Crave the Wave

When boys crave the wave, they need a swimwear brand that can enhance their look in and out of the water. MadWave is a Russian brand that has everything boys need when the surf is up. Their kids collection has many fun and adoring looks with amusing cartoon characters. Plus, the fabrics are quick-drying, chlorine resistant, and form-fitting for the ultimate comfort and style. Visit their website at

Let a Boy’s Imagination Soar!

A boy who likes to discover, explore, and create hardly ever has time to be bored. Cara de Crianca (or Child Face) is a children’s clothing company from Brazil that lets children’s imaginations soar with their fun designs, such as dinosaurs and other comedic characters. They even have glow-in-the-dark pajamas. Their website features a little light switch that you can turn off to see them glow…cool!

In 2014, the company founded Child Project, which provides help to poor children. They use scraps of recyclable fabrics to create dolls and puppets. Find out more about them at