Somewhere Over the Rainbow is Delightful Beachwear Fashion

Somewhere over the rainbow you’ll find Tchum, a Brazilian beachwear brand for kids. Even on a cloudy day, their delightful swimwear fashions will enhance a boy’s looks. If you want your kids to love the sunshine even more, help them find the right style with Tchum. Discover more about Marilan, the makers of Tchum, at their official site at

Fine Swimwear for Kids Made in Spain

We all want what is best for our kids, so why not get them the highest quality swimwear made entirely in Spain using the finest Italian and French fabrics. Each one is made to be special and unique, just like your little one. When you want your kids to look attractive on the beach this year, Erreqerre is one brand with fashion sense. Visit them online at

Now Boys Can Make a Big Splash in the Summer

We all know that swimwear has to be durable, since boys are very active in them. Thanks to Fashy, there will be no worries because of high performance construction. Their swimwear resists shrinkage (because we guys don’t like that, of course!). They also resist fading in sun and salty water. What else would you expect from a quality German brand? Now boys can make a big splash next Summer. Visit them online at

Giving Boys a Touch of French Fashion

How do you like the boy in your life to dress in the Summer? Why not give them a classic, yet contemporary look? L’Orangerie is a French brand that offers an elegant swimwear collection that is reminiscent of childhood memories, which gives inspiration to their designs. The pastel colors are very pleasing to the eye. For a touch of French fashion, visit their website at