Brazilian Underwear That Gives Boys a Fashion Boost

Boys who need a fashion boost turn to Loback. This Brazilian underwear brand puts an emphasis on quality, beauty, and comfort – the hallmarks of Loback. With unique designs on the waistbands and a form-fitting look that accentuates a boy’s natural curves, Loback is a must-have for Brazilian boys. Visit their website at

One thought on “Brazilian Underwear That Gives Boys a Fashion Boost

  1. andrew christian February 3, 2017 / 12:21 am

    The interesting history of the jockstrap… We have to visit all the way back to the 1870s, including a Mr. Bennett of Chicago, who was simply clearly *very* concerned concerning the particular injury in which cobbled avenues did to bike courier’s balls. All that out of hand moving about kept him up through the night. Poor Mr. Bennett. However thankfully for the bike messengers (or ‘jockeys’), Mr. Bennett had a perception, and that he referred to it as after these individuals. The ‘jock strap’ was born. Fast-forward five decades into the 1920s, and a young Canadian called Jack Cartlege. Jack loved his hockey *almost* just as much as he treasured slipping on his preferred jock strap, but it wasn’t until one fateful day in 1927 that Jack realized (the hard way!) that his jock strap wasn’t any rivalry for any hockey puck inside the groin. Jack wasn’t massively eager on repeating the experience, and who places blame him, so he came up with the ingenious idea of slipping a hard mug on the front of his jock strap. The style was swiftly patented and manufacturing commenced. Guys do not had to live in concern with a stray puck, ball or studded shoe. Jack’s combo of jock strap and protective cup became the principal of boys’ highschool athletics kit throughout the globe through out the twentieth century, until underwear companies like Andrew Christian, C-in2 and Addicted begun reinventing the classic layout. Away went the unpleasant shade of off-white and the ugly waistbands, and in came a different collection of revolutionary cuts and shapes, and fun shades. These present day jock straps are the ideal balance between design and functionality – as great around the track or in a gym as they are under a pair of jeans, or suit trousers if you’re game for it. Business in the front, party in the back!

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